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About Us

UBI GLS is founded to offer ubiquitous logistics solutions to its clients. We understand the gravity of meeting deadlines, ensuring clean deliveries and never compromising service over rates. 

Like the 'Invisible hand' theory from Adam Smith, the industry needs to expand on what they are best at. We will be your logistics solution. We will analyze and provide the optimum solution to minimize your logistics cost and risk.

Our dedicated team will provide transparent rates and shall offer flexible service to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our team works closely with our clients to comprehend their business and to assist them in finding the optimum solution.

Our network is not only limited to Europe and Korea. We have an extensive coverage of network that covers 100+ cities in 7 different continents. We will continuously expand our network and the scope of service along with our clients' diversifying requirements.

We look forward to serving your logistics needs!

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